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Current and upcoming courses:

No classes for the 2017-18 academic year (I will be on campus but on teaching leave)
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      UW Archaeology course catalog and time schedule

      Curriculum Forecast for upcoming courses in the Dept. of Anthropology

      Archaeological Sciences Option

      Past courses:
      • Archaeology of Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ARCHY 325/525), last offered Winter 2017
      • Trash, Shit, Dirt (ARCHY/ANTH 369), last offered Winter 2016
      • Traditional Boat Collections Research and Documentation (ARCHY 469), co-taught with Sven Haakanson, last offered Spring 2016
      • Public Archaeology (ARCHY 465), last offered Spring 2014
      • Archaeology of Sustainability in Socio-environmental Systems (ARCHY 469), co-taught with Ben Fitzhugh, last offered Fall 2013
      • pXRF Workshop (ARCHY 499/600), last offered Spring 2013
      • Archaeology/Anthropology of the City (ARCHY/ANTH 469), co-taught with Danny Hoffman, last offered Fall 2011
      • Archaeology Field School (ARCHY 271), last offered Spring 2010, click here to read student blog
      •      Past Field Schools have been offered in Indonesia (2009, click here to read student blog), East Timor (2005) and Seattle (2002)
      • Anthropology of War (ARCHY/ANTH 101), co-taught with Danny Hoffman, last offered Spring 2008
      • Climate Change (ARCHY 570), last offered Spring 2005
      • History and Archaeology (ARCHY 469), last offered Spring 2001