information for prospective students


I am looking to work with graduate students who have interests related to how people learn about science or technology across the settings of their lives — from classrooms and home settings to museums and online spaces. There is a central focus to equity issues in the work related to understanding how to broaden participation in science and technology endeavors. The studies conducted in my research group typically involve ethnographic fieldwork and/or design-based research in educational settings. Research in my group is currently conducted as part of the Learning in Informal and Formal Environments (LIFE) Center or the COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities Center. New students would work in an apprenticeship mode as part of my research group.

My group conducts studies of how learning, cognition, interaction, and development are accomplished across social settings over significant periods of time. Most of the research projects are currently focused on late elementary and middle school students (and their families). Future work is likely to also focus on how scientists learn, environmental education (especially with an environmental justice focus), and early childhood science learning (i.e., pre-kindergarten age children). 

If these research areas interest you, check out the publications and presentations and contact me for more information. To schedule a phone call or meeting with me, please contact Nancy Price.