Everyday Science & Technology Group (ESTG)



For more information about the work and products of the group, please see the ESTG web site.

Current ESTG Members:

  1. Mark Chen (graduate student)

  2. Suzanne Perin (graduate student)

  3. Nancy Price (staff)

  4. Suzanne Reeve (graduate student)

  5. Giovanna Scalone (graduate student)

  6. Andrew Shouse (associate director of UW Institute for Science and Math Education)

  7. Jasper Taylor (undergrad student)

  8. Carrie Tzou (post-doc)


  1. Leah Bricker (assistant professor of science education, Loyola Chicago)

  2. Tiffany Lee (graduate student)

  3. Heather Toomey Zimmerman (assistant professor of learning sciences, Penn State)

PRIOR STUDENTS, Post-docs, and staff:

  1. Denice Fischer-Fortier

  2. Bruce Havelock (Learning Architect, Accenture)

  3. Kalyn Shea Owens (Science Faculty, North Seattle Community College)

  4. Allen Olson (Dean of Evening & Weekend Studies, Evergreen State College)

  5. Duncan Parks (Science Faculty, Oregon)