Select publications & online talks


Select Publications:

  1. Children’s self-documentation and understanding of the concepts ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy,’ International Journal of Science Education, 2008 (with Suzanne Reeve). [Final Draft] [Published Paper - pending]

  2. Distributed expertise in a science center: Social and intellectual role-taking by families, Journal of Museum Education, 2008 (with Heather Zimmerman and Suzanne Reeve). [Final Draft] [Published Paper]

  3. Conceptualizations of argumentation from science studies and the learning sciences and their implications for the practices of science education, Science Education, 2008 (with Leah Bricker). [Final Draft] [Published Paper]

  4. Learning In and Out of School in Diverse Environments: Life-Long, Life-Wide, and Life-Deep; LIFE Center Consensus Report, May 2007 (with members of the LIFE Diversity Panel).

  5. On the theoretical breadth of design-based research in education, Educational Psychologist, 2004 (as a member of the Design-Based Research Collective). [Final Draft] [Published Paper]

  6. Internet Environments for Science Education, 2004. [Book Info] [Argumentation Chapter]

  7. Design-based research: An emerging paradigm for educational inquiry. Educational Researcher, Jan/Feb 2003 (with the Design-Based Research Collective). [Published Paper]

online presentations:

  1. Pathways to Excellence and Equity in Science, Math & Engineering Education (University of Washington, October 2008). I have posted some references that I made during the talk.

  2. Learning Across Time and Place: The Role of Museums in the Informal Educational Landscape (Smithsonian, March 2008, with Bronwyn Bevan)

  3. The Hidden Story of How Children Learn In and Out of School (UW Education Conference, January 2008)

  4. Learning in and out of School in Diverse Environments: Life-Long, Life-Wide, Life-Deep (UW Release Event for the LIFE Diversity Report, May 2007)