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... community events and activities in which I am or have recently been involved.

Preserving and Revitalizing Endangered Languages through AI-Enabled Interactive Audio Instruction - Languages are the essence of our cultural heritage, carrying the history, values, and traditions of communities. However, many languages are disappearing at an alarming rate. To address this issue, we need a comprehensive and scalable approach to both preserve and promote language acquisition and use. To preserve and revitalize endangered indigenous languages, we partnered with EDC (Education Development Center, edc.org) during this year's annual Microsoft OneWeek hackathon to work on a solution to provide pronunciation assessment of low-resource languages. The goal is for EDC to offer this tool as part of their indigenous language programs, initially in Panama.

Using conversational AI to support victims of gender-based violence - The global pandemic has compounded existing concerns around domestic abuse leading to a significant increase in cases. Extended periods of lockdown under stressful conditions have highlighted the fact that not everyone can find safety at home. In 2021, the Governor of Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency due to gender violence. In partnership with Seguro Project and Paz para las Mujeres in Puerto Rico, we built a chatbot solution that provides a confidential and interactive interface for easily accessing support and guidance in a time of need. It helps the user identify local resources and information relevant to their individual situation. You can read more about the project here.

World Humanitarian Forum - WHF brings together humanitarian leaders, heads of state, activists, philanthropists, and private sector experts to discuss and find solutions to key challenges of the humanitarian sector. I've joined the Tech for Good board of WHF to provide guidance on the use and impact of technology in the humanitarian sector. You can learn more about our work here: World Humanitarian Forum.

Spreeha Foundation - Spreeha is a nonprofit working on eradicating poverty and empowering people in vulnerable communities in Bangladesh through healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. I serve on the Board of Spreeha to assist with digital transformation and leveraging AI and other advanced technologies to achieve Spreeha's mission. You can learn more about our work here: spreeha.org.

AI and Education - Collaboration with NetHope, Norwegian Refugee Council, University College Dublin, and Lero Research Institute to leverage AI for humanitarian use cases. We're working with the humanitarian sector and young refugees to improve opportunities for education by co-creating a chatbot to help with discovery and access of learning resources. See more about the project in this blogpost: Doing Good Better with Artificial Intelligence. You can also see our work featured in Microsoft's announcement of the AI for Humanitarian Action program in the blogpost and video here: Using AI to help save lives.

GIX - I'm a mentor in the new Global Innovation Exchange (https://gix.uw.edu/) program for students pursuing their MS degree in technology innovation.