the bosma lab: people

brainstem development

University of Washington Department of Biology

Current Lab Members

Martha Bosma
Martha Bosma
Marti is the head of the lab.
Hiro Watari
Hiro Watari
Hiro is a post-doc. His project focuses on developmental regulation of ion conductances and Bash Bursts (Bash-B).
Jesse Miles
Jesse Miles
Jesse is an undergrad NBio student working in the lab.
Helen Jones
Helen Jones
Helen is an undergrad NBio student working in the lab.
Walker Short
Walker Short
Walker is an undergrad NBio student working in the lab.

Former Lab Members

Amanda Tose
Picture of Amanda Tose
Amanda studied Neurobiology and Psychology at the UW. She was a lab tech from 2012-2013.
James Liu
Picture of James Liu
James is an undergraduate studying Biochemistry and Business. He observed the extent of spontaneous activity spread using live imaging with a confocal microscope.
Bethanny Danskin
Picture of Bethanny Danskin
Bethanny was a Neurobiology major with a focus in computational neuroscience. She studied spontaneous activity using simultaneous patch-clamp and calcium imaging. Bethanny was awarded the UW President's Medal in 2013.
Lucy Liu
Picture of Lucy Liu
Kyle Muir
Picture of Kyle Muir
Mark Shi
Picture of Mark Shi
Bess Navarrete
Picture of Bess Navarrete
Deva Wells
Picture of Deva Wells
Nauzley Abedini
Picture of Nauzley Abedini
Sean Hughes
Picture of Sean Hughes
Audrey Moruzzi
Picture of Audrey Moruzzi
Wendy Rockhill
Picture of Wendy Rockhill

More Former Lab Members