Past group pictures

Jeffrey Buenaflor - Chemistry graduate student

Leighton Cline - MSE AMP student

Yunping Huang - MSE graduate student

Lauren Kang - Chemistry graduate student

Michelle Katz - MSE undergraduate student

Jason Lee - Chemistry graduate student

Yilin Li - Post-doc

Chang Liu - MSE undergraduate student

Amy Mayhugh - Chemistry graduate student

Jon Onorato - MSE graduate student 

Viktoria Pakhnyuk - Chemistry graduate student

Anton Resing - MSE undergraduate student

Bowman Ridinger - MSE undergraduate student

Nik Roslam - MSE undergraduate student

Stuart Smith - MSE undergraduate student

Parker Sommerville - Chemistry graduate student

Breena Sperry - MSE graduate student

Connor Swanson - MSE undergraduate student

Wesley Tatum - MSE graduate student

Zachary Wolford - MSE undergraduate student

Liwen Xing - MolE graduate student

Yongcao Zhang - MSE AMP student

Xueqiao Zhang - MSE AMP student


Laura Abbotts, B.S. 2012 (University of Washington)

Shane Boyd, PhD 2011 (currently at Maxim IP)

Hugo Bronstein (currently faculty member at University College London)

Chilip Chan, B.S. 2007 (University of Washington)

Yung-Yi Chang, M.A. 2016 (University of Washignton)

Natasha Doubina, PhD 2011 (currently post-doc at Georgia Tech)

Matt Durban, PhD 2012 (currently post-doc at BASF, Germany)

Charlie Garcia, B.S. 2014 (University of Washington)

Jaime Herold, B.S. 2014 (University of Washington)

Jeremy Housekeeper, B.S. 2014 (University of Washington)

William Hwang (currently graduate student at Stanford), B.S./M.S. 2016 (University of Washington)

Ila Kuntum, B.S. 2014 (University of Washington)

Warren Fogg, B.S. 2012 (University of Washington)

Liz Fuller, B.S. 2009 (University of Washington)

Grant Hansen, B.S. 2008 (University of Washington)

Youngki Hong, B.S. 2013 (University of Washington)

Fateh Kahn (currently at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory), B.S. 2009 (University of Washington)

Rylan Kautz, B.S. expected 2014 (University of Washington)

Peter Kazarinoff, PhD 2012 (currently teaching at Portland Community College)

Aaron Knuth (currently at FM Global), B.S. 2010 (University of Washington)

Abram Ledbetter

Noel Lewis (Undergraduate student at University of Dallas)

Kat Mazzio (currently post-doc at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)

Chris Matsuoka, B.S. 2009 (University of Washington)

Iain Meager

Chris Montgomery (currently at UIUC MSE PhD program), B.S. 2013 (University of Washington)

Ken Okamoto (currently Associate Professor at Ichinoseki College, Japan)

Andrew Rice, PhD 2013

Alyson Omori, B.S. 2011 (University of Washington)

Yang Pinyi, PhD 2013

Hodaka Rokubuichi (currently at Mitsubishi Chemicals, Japan)

Yukari Segawa (currently at P&G, Singapore)

Bridget Sexhauer, B.S. 2011 (University of Washington)

Thivanka Samaranayake, B.S. 2013 (University of Washington)

Daniel Soto (currently at Intel, Arizona), B.S. 2008 (University of Washington)

Dominik Stemer (currently PhD student at UCLA)

Sabin-Lucian Suraru (currently at as a Research Scientist at Flint Group Germany)

Alex Tang (currently an undergraduate student at Yale)

Yuxing Wang (Exchange student from Szechuan University)

Natalie Wilhelm (Undegraduate student at McGill University, Canada)

Ryan Webster, B.S. 2008 (University of Washington)

Weiqing Xia, M.A. 2016 (University of Washington)

David Yamada (currently at Boeing, WA), B.S. 2007 (University of Washington)

Tricia Youngbull (currently at Nth Degree Technologies), PhD 2010 (University of Washington)

Mingjian Yuan (currently at Toronto University), post-doc 2012

Dave Zeigler, PhD 2014







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