Laboratory for Speech Physiology
and Motor Control

Ludo Max, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Dept. of Speech & Hearing Sciences
University of Washington
1417 NE 42nd Street
Seattle, WA 98105-6246

(206) 543-2674
Campus mailbox: 354875

Principal Investigator
      Ludo Max, Ph.D. ResearchGate profile        Google Scholar profile
Post-doctoral fellows
      Nick Kitchen, Ph.D. ResearchGate profile       
      Takashi Mitsuya, Ph.D. ResearchGate profile        Google Scholar profile
      Prospective applicants see here
Doctoral students/candidates
      Kwang Seob Kim, B.S. Ph.D. Candidate SPHSC
      Prospective applicants see here
Masters students
Undergraduate students
      Samantha Krahling Bioengineering
      Ella Maierhofer Neurobiology
      Elizabeth Rylance Neurobiology
      Prince Wang Neurobiology, Journalism
Former post-docs and graduate students
      Justin Walker (M.S. student in LSPMC)
      Robert J.M. Hermosillo, Ph.D. (post-doc in LSPMC)
      Ayoub Daliri, Ph.D. (Ph.D. student in LSPMC) Lab web site at ASU
      Allison Reid Stewart, M.S. (M.S. student in LSPMC) photo
      Santosh Maruthy, Ph.D. (post-doc in LSPMC)
      Caitlin J. Baldwin, M.S. (M.S. student in LSPMC)
      Roman A. Prokopenko, Ph.D. (post-doc in LSPMC)
      Yongqiang Feng, Ph.D. (Ph.D. student in LSPMC)
      Silvia Corbera, Ph.D. (post-doc in LSPMC)
      Jennifer C. Daniels, M.A. (M.A. student in LSPMC)
      Marie E. Wallace, M.A. (M.A. student in LSPMC)

Professional Organizations/Meetings