Laboratory for Speech Physiology
and Motor Control

Ludo Max, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Dept. of Speech & Hearing Sciences
University of Washington
1417 NE 42nd Street
Seattle, WA 98105-6246

(206) 543-2674
Campus mailbox: 354875

The facilities of the Laboratory for Speech Physiology and Motor Control include, among other things:

  • 17'0" x 7'5" sound booth (Industrial Acoustics)
  • 3D electromagnetic articulograph (Carstens Medizinelektronik) for motion tracking (200 Hz) of the jaw, tongue, and lips during speech and orofacial nonspeech movements
  • Electromagnetic motion tracking (240 Hz) of arm, hand, and finger movements (Liberty, Polhemus)
  • Computer-controlled robot to generate force fields or perturbations during jaw and hand/arm movements (Phantom Premium 1.0; Sensable Technologies)
  • BioSemi ActiveTwo 128-channel EEG system with active electrodes for the registration of continuous EEG, movement-related cortical potentials, and auditory/visual/somatosensory evoked potentials.
  • Grass Model 15 neurophysiological amplifier system with 15A54 quad amplifiers, electrode board, isolated power supply, and various types/sizes of electrodes for the registration of movement-related cortical potentials (Readiness Potential), evoked potentials, and electromyographic signals
  • Custom workstation for the display of virtual visual targets in studies of reaching (including DLP projector, first-surface mirrors, and back-projection screen for display of targets and airsled systems for support of the arm on a glass worksurface).
  • 3D virtual reality face mounted display (i-visor FX601)
  • National Instruments PCIe-6343 A/D D/A board
  • Measurement Computing PCI DAS6402-16 A/D D/A board
  • Force/torque transducer for finger and mandibular applications (Nano 17, ATI-IA)
  • Various hardware and software systems for the acoustic analysis and processing of speech and voice
  • High-quality audio instrumentation including various wired and wireless microphones, two digital vocal processors (VoiceOne, TC Helicon), two-channel mic preamp with digital output (ART), four-channel microphone mixer (Shure), four-channel headphones amplifier (Samson S-phone), professional CD recorder (Tascam CD-RW901 SL) and tape-decks (Tascam 202 MK IV)
  • Laser disc player (Panasonic LX-121)
  • Video Cassette Recorders and TV
  • Networked desktop and laptop computers (Windows XP, Linux, Mac OSX) with DVD+RW drives and laser printers
  • X-ray microbeam data base and cineradiography database
  • MATLAB and LabView software packages
  • Custom-written and standard experiment control and stimulus presentation software packages for various speech and motor control experiments

Professional Organizations/Meetings