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Science Advisor for a climate change political thriller web series An Unlikely Insurgency

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Reviewing Proposals and Papers MPOWIR Blog

On being a climate scientist, Program on Climate Change Blog
And a subsequent interview on KUOW

Things I learned from leading the Program on Change  Program on Climate Change Blog

Quoted in the news

Louisa Gaylord, Using Data Science to Track Marine Heatwaves, UW eScience Institute, Dec. 11, 2020

Women in Oceanography Still Navigate Rough Seas, Jessica Duncombe, EOS, 2019,

For 17 years UW program has provided an interdisicplinary nexus for climate research and education.  UW Blog post

The Conversation Article on Why Antarctic sea ice cover is so low and no its not just about climate change

KUOW:  Seatac Airport faces a worsening carbon problem

UW Today: Tackling new terrain: climate change and global health

UW Today: 8 percent of women physical oceanographers in tenure track down from 23 percent

Katherine Gammon, Inside Science:  Why is the winter’s coldest day usually more than a month away?

UW News, UW Experts call Paris Climate Agreement “bold” and “encouraging”

UW News, Atlantic Ocean’s slowdown tied to changes in the Southern Hemisphere

UW Medicine Magazine Accelerating Population Health

Crosscut:  How Seattles’ March for science Came to be

Grist:  4 ways the republican tax plan could harm the planet

Grist:  The gop tax bill could cost us the next generation of climate scientists

Videos and podcasts

Short wave podcast, Measuring Sea Level Rise from Space, November 20, 2020

NPR morning edition, November 19, 2020

Sentinel-6 Michael Frielich Mission Science Briefing, Live NASA TV on November 20, 2020

Video of Climate Change History and Law Panel Discussion on October 23, 2018 at Naked City Brewery.  Sponsored by Cascadia Climate Action.

A video of the talk I gave at the 2018 AMS Meeting:  Using Sea Surface Height to Examine Air–Sea Interaction in the North Atlantic Ocean in Winter

Podcast:  Women in STEM “Once a math geek always a math geek”

Audio:  Climate on Tape, Hell and High Water: Global Warming and Rising Seas

Video:  Linkages between the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, the Gulf Stream and the Atmosphere: circulation, heat content and air-sea interaction, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida, February 14.

Video Climate Models and Projections.  Metcalf Institute Climate change Seminar for Journalists

Video:  Climate on Tap:  Panel Discussion on Energy and Climate Policy at the Crossroad: Will the World Act on Climate Change Fast Enough? 

Video:  Paris Agreement by Ben Tran

Part of the More Than Scientists project:  videos of scientists talking about why they want to do something about climate change