Monthly Archives: March 2015

Welcome to the Ocean Climate Variability Lab

The past 6 years I directed the Program on Climate Change where I focused on interdisciplinary climate and with my core physical oceanography research program.  While Director, I became involved in climate related education and research, including implementing the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science that now serves students matriculated in graduate program across the university.  I also served on the Executive Committee of the Population Health Initiative where I made sure that the impact of environmental change on human health was always part of the discussions.  The thing I will miss most about being Director is my interactions with graduate students who are so passionate about the impact of climate on our collective future.  But don’t worry, I am sure you will be able to find me at seminars and of course in Friday Harbor for the annual Program on Climate Change Summer Institute.

This year, I am on sabbatical, and the theme for my year is  The Ocean and Climate Variability.  To learn more about what our research group is working on, go to the Research Page