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The Riddiford lab is an interactive, friendly place where postdocs, graduate students, undergraduates, and technicians work on a host of different research projects using molecular, cellular, and endocrinological techniques. They also interact daily with the Truman lab in sharing ideas, equipment, and animals as well as a weekly informal research tea. The present composition of the lab is listed below, but often also includes a sabbatical visitor.

Cui, Haiyang Graduate Student haiyang@u.washington.edu
Du, Jianguang Research Associate   jgdu@u.washington.edu 
 Hiruma, Kiyoshi  Research Scientist  hiruma@u.washington.edu
Moon, Jennifer   Undergraduate Research   
Nelson, Charles   Research Tech  canelson@u.washington.edu  
Nguyen, Binh  Research Technician  anhbinh@u.washington.edu
Nguyen, Thanh  Research Tech thanhnga@u.washington.edu 
Nguyen, Trang  Undergraduate research phitrang@u.washington.edu 
Zhou, Xiaofeng Research Associate  xfzhou@u.washington edu


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