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Inferring Phylogeny and Introgression using RADseq Data: An Example from the Flowering Plants (Pedicularis: Orobanchaceae)

Eaton, D. A., & Ree, R. H. (2013). Inferring phylogeny and introgression using RADseq data: an example from flowering plants (Pedicularis: Orobanchaceae). Systematic Biology, 62(5), 689-706. In this paper Eaton and Ree explore the use of RADseq data in inferring the phylogeny … Continue reading

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Molecular Evolution: A Statistical Approach

Ziheng Yang’s new book, “Molecular Evolution: A Statistical Approach” is on sale at Amazon. The cover photo, a western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis), was taken by Charles Linkem during our collecting trip to Oregon last summer. Some people think that … Continue reading

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Bayesian Phylogenetics Workshop

A new workshop on Bayesian phylogenetic analysis using the program RevBayes is happening August 25-31, 2014 at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in Durham, NC.  The course will cover a lot of useful material, including probability theory, divergence dating, species trees, … Continue reading

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New Postdoc. Andreas Chavez Joins the Lab!

A new postdoctoral researcher recently joined the lab. Dr. Andreas Chavez is a recent graduate from UW Biology. He is a mammalogist who specializes in phylogenetics, phylogeography, and hybrid zones. Andreas will only be with us until Summer, and then … Continue reading

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Anaconda Boxcavation

Last week at the annual Burke Museum Behind the Scenes Night we excavated the skeleton of a yellow anaconda. We acquired the anaconda from the Woodland Park Zoo, and we skinned the snake at the 2013 Behind the Scenes Night. … Continue reading

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