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Visiting Researcher Václav Gvoždík

Our collaborator from the Czech Republic, Dr. Václav Gvoždík (a.k.a. Vasek) from the Institute of Vertebrate Biology at the Czech Academy of Sciences is currently visiting the lab to collect SNP data for a new African frog phylogeography project. The project is … Continue reading

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Titanoboa: Monster Snake

Titanoboa is at the Burke Museum! The exhibit includes a full-size replica of the giant snake, plus fossils, photos and videos that reconstruct Earth’s earliest-known rainforest and the lost world of life in the Paleocene following the demise of dinosaurs. We … Continue reading

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Herpetology Meetings in Reno

The 2015 herpetology meetings in Reno are coming to an end tonight. The meetings were awesome! There were lots of great talks, including those by Leonard, Sima, and Matt. We even had a chance to go and catch some local herps (Crotaphytus, … Continue reading

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Discovery of a Critically Endangered Salamander in Mexico

Graduate student Sima Bouzid has a new article in the journal Herpetological Review on the discovery of a new population of a critically endangered salamander (Bradytriton silus) in a remote region of Chiapas, Mexico. This rare species is known from just a few other localities … Continue reading

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New lab photo

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