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fair trade
Fair Trade Federation (FTF)
US-based network of alternative trade importers, wholesalers, retailers and (some) producers working to make fair trade items available to conscientious consumers.  The FTF fair trade criteria are available online. 
The Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN) is part of the FTF. Site includes comprehensive resources on fair trade and actively supports Student Action Campaigns.
Fair Trade Net
Web-based email, discussion board and chat service on fair trade.
The Fairtrade Foundation
The Fairtrade Foundation supports campaigns in Britain for variety of fair trade food products.
Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO)
Formed in 1997, FLO is the main umbrella organization for fair trade certifying organizations. FLO maintains the "fair trade" registry and is largely responsible for coordinating and implementing monitoring activities.  Members are from Europe, the US, Canada and Japan. 
International Federation for Alternative Trade (IFAT)
UK-based IFAT is a global network of fair trade producers from 45 countries.  IFAT supports the fair trade movement through networking, education and advocacy, and provides market, business and technical support to its 150 members. IFAT's Code of Practice is available online.
Global Exchange
A must visit site for latest updates on fair trade consumer and student movements in the US.
Max Havelaar Foundation
Named for the hero of a 1859 book denouncing Dutch colonial trade policies, the Max Havelaar trademark is equated with fair trade across Europe. Max Havelaar began selling fair trade coffee from Mexico in 1988 and has continued to break new ground in alternative trade ever since.
Traidcraft is one of the UK's largest and oldest Alternative Trade Organizations, and now sells a range of Fair Trade products online.  Its site includes a thorough overview of Fair Trade and links to educational resources.
fair trade coffee 
Cafe Campesino
Sells great quality fair trade coffee online from Georgia. Also actively involved in fair trade movement and committed to educating coffee drinkers everywhere.  Has great news links!
One of the leading UK companies dedicated to fair trade coffee and tea.  Cool site with lots of great info.  Includes a "speaker pack" (available online) for people giving talks about fair trade.
Coordinadora Estatal de Productores de Café de Oaxaca CEPCO
CEPCO is one of the many co-operatives of small family farms growing Certified Fair Trade coffee in Mexico. 
Coffee Contact
An independent forum for coffee issues.
Equal Exchange
Founded in 1986, Equal Exchange pioneered alternative trade and fair trade coffee in US markets.  Currently, it is the single largest fair trade coffee retailer in the US. 
Canadian NGO that promotes fair trade coffee through its "A Just Coffee" campaign. 
Fair Trade Organisatie
Group in The Netherlands working on fair trade with a campaign focused on labor rights in coffee plantations.
Global Exchange's Fair Trade Coffee Campaign
Site provides extensive resources about fair trade coffee and campaigns to increase consumer demand and roaster participation, especially Starbucks.  Also offers opportunities to join a Fair Trade Coffee e-mail list, learn about student-led campaigns, and download Action Kits.
Oxfam America's Coffee Campaign
Site includes resources such as its "Fair Trade Toolkit" and very good reports about fair trade coffee and coffee farmers.
Peace Coffee
Cool site where Headwaters International sells its fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee under the "Peace Coffee" label.  Headwaters is wholly owned by the MN-based Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (also worth checking out).
Thanksgiving Coffee Co
Paul and Joan Katzeff started selling coffee out of the "back of a VW bug" along the Mendocino coast in 1972.  Today, they offer a significant selection of Fair Trade Certified, organic and shade grown coffees, including the "End the Embargo on Cuba" roast.
TransFair USA
The TransFair label certifies that coffee cooperatives received at least $1.26 per pound and other criteria were met by producers, importers and roasters.  The organization also educates consumers about fair trade and supports a growing number of student led movements. Site includes a Fair Trade Coffee Tool Kit especially for students.
US/Labor Education in the Americas Project
Broadly concerned with the rights of people in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico who work for US companies, US/LEAP has a very activist oriented site with information on maquilas and bananas as well as coffee.  Be sure to see US/LEAP's "Coffee Worker Campaigns" for an analysis of Starbucks' Code of Conduct for Guatemalan plantation workers.
organic & shade grown coffee
Headquartered in Peru, BioLatina provides organic certification for producers in South and Central America. 
Cloudforest Initiatives
ATO based in St. Paul, MN that sells fair trade products and shade coffee from Chiapas, Mexico.
Based in Germany, Naturland is recognized as one of the world's leading organic certifiers.
NACEC Shade Grown Coffee page
The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation was established as part of NAFTA. They use shade grown coffee to showcase the potential for developing green trade.
Organic Crop Improvement Association
Canadian organization that does organic certification.  Its organic standards are available online.
Seattle Audubon Society  Northwest Shade Coffee Campaign
This campaign is aimed at educating consumers about the connections between coffee production and bird habitat.  Includes a detailed comparison of "shade" versus "sun" coffee.
The Songbird Foundation
Organization in Burton, WA dedicated to preserving songbird habitat in Latin America by promoting shade grown, organic and fair trade coffee.
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's Coffee Corner
Leading source of information on shade grown coffee. Site includes a report on "Coffee, Conservation and Commerce in the Western Hemisphere" and special "coffee slide show."
coffee in latin america
Associação Brasileira da Indústria do Café
Brazilian coffee industry, includes information on markets, grower associations and cooperatives, research, news and statistics. 
Café de Colombia
Juan Valdez's very own web site, complements of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (in English and Spanish).
ANACAFE -  Asociación Nacional del Café
Guatemala's national coffee association.
ICAFE -  Instituto del Café de Costa Rica
Costa Rica's national coffee association.
Asociacion Latinoamericana de Pequenos Caficultores: Frente Solidario
Coalition of fair trade coffee cooperatives in Latin America.
seattle roasters
Cloudnine Coffee
Family-run company in Seattle that sells coffee from El Salvador that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.
Kalani Organica
Seattle-based roasting company that sells organic and shade grown coffees, available at QFCs everywhere.  They also donate a 1% One World tax to selected organizations.
Pura Vida Coffee
Pura Vida is a Christian and mission-based business selling fair trade coffee online. It contribute its net profits to Pura Vida Partners, its 501(c)(3) affiliate, or other charities.
Seattle's Best Coffee
Operates with Torrefazione Italia® coffee under the name Seattle Coffee Company, owned by AFC Enterprises. SBC has just launched its first Fair Trade Certified coffee in Spring 2001, and also offers several organic coffees.   SBC is also involved with a USAID project in Peru.
With direct encouragement from stockholders, consumers and activists, Starbucks launched its first Fair Trade Certified coffee in October 2000.  To learn about their current fair trade positions and practices, search the site for "Social Responsibility" or CSR.
Tully's "Compadre" blend is Fair Trade Certified, organic and shade-grown coffee.
Click on Washington for a complete listing from TransFair USA.
fair trade importers
FLO maintains a full list of coffee importers that meet fair trade criteria. 
There are 20 companies importing fair trade green beans into the US, including: 
Royal Coffee Green Coffee Importers
One of the largest coffee importers on the West Coast. Site provides a look the coffee world from importers' perspective. Tales from the Outback describes their impressions of visiting coffee growers in Mexico. 
Cooperative Coffees
A unique co-operative of specialty roasters committed to importing green beans from co-operatives of small-scale farmers.  Site has info on fair trade roasters and coffee growers.
Organic Products Trading Company
Based in Vancouver, WA, OPTCO works directly with coffee farmers to develop and import high quality certified organic green specialty coffee. 
InterAmerican Commodities
A big US coffee importer based in Texas.
Sustainable Harvest Coffee
Green bean importer in CA that focuses on fair trade, organic and shade-grown coffees.
coffee industry associations
Association of Coffee Producing Countries (ACPC)
Formed in 1993, the ACPC is a multilateral organization comprised of 14 member countries: Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, india, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and Venezuela.  Its aim is to "stablise coffee prices at levels that are fair and renumerative to producers and yet consistent with increasing consumption."  Lots of national-level information about coffee on the site.
International Coffee Organization
An intergovernmental body of coffee exporting and importing countries. Site has many interesting resources on coffee economics and trade, including the full text of the International Coffee Agreement, a chart with the history of frosts in Brazil, and an extensive glossary of industry terms.
Specialty Coffee Association of America
SCAA is the main trade association for specialty coffee, representing over 2,500 companies "from growers to exporters, importers to roasters, retailers that operate coffeehouses to carts." Site includes info on their annual conference where you can review their educational and skill building agendas. 
Tea and Coffee News
Glossy trade and industry magazine where you can find all kinds of things, e.g. roadside coffee stands at http://www.caffeinemachines.com/ or try http://www.coffeeshopstuff.com/
market information
Hencorp Becstone, LC
Hencorp provides end-of-day market reports. Go to Futures, then Coffee Commentary.
New York Board of Trade
NYBOT is the parent company of the Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange, Inc. (CSCE)
New York C Market Information
This is the market where coffee is traded.  Includes price variations in all their gory detail.
fair trade funders
Coffee Kids
NGO dedicated to helping coffee communities.
Ford Foundation
Recent grants support "ethical wood" products and fair trade coffee (TransFair USA).
Summit Foundation
Based in Washington DC,  the Summit Foundation has support organic and shade-grown coffee projects through its Protecting Biodiversity in Latin American program area.
USAID Project in Peru's Apurimac River Valley
Collaborative project between USAID, Winrock International, Seattle's Best Coffee and INKAFE VRAE to encourage Peruvians growing coca to switch to coffee.

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