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Victoria A. Lawson
Course Resources 
Geog 230: Urbanization in Developing Nations
Presses & Publications   

Regional Resources   

International Organizations   

Search Engines


Alternative Press Center  
Conservative Caucus 
CNN Interactive 
The Economist 
Los Angeles Times 
International Herald Tribune 
Multinational Monitor  
National Public Radio 
National Review 
New York Times 
The Ultimate Collection of News Links 
UW Microform and Newspaper Collections
Wall Street Journal


Latin America: 
UW Latin American Studies Resources 
Latin American Perspectives 
NACLA's Report on the Americas 
News from Brazil 

Africa, Middle East and Southern Asia 
Africa Online 

Eastern Europe:  
Eastern Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States 

Asia and the Pacific:  
Far East, South East Asia and Pacific 


Bank Information Center 
Bretton Woods Project 
Center of Concern 
Center for Economic and Policy Research 
Centre for the Study of Global Governance (London School of Economics) 
Corporate Watch 
Development Gap for Alternative Policies 
Essential Action 
European Network on Debt and Development 
50 Years is Enough Network 
Financial Markets Center 
Focus on the Global South 
Friends of the Earth 
Global Exchange 
Global Trade Watch 
Independent Media Center 
Institute for Global Communications 
Institute for Policy Studies 
Inter-American Development Bank 
Interhemispheric Resource Center 
International Monetary Fund 
International Forum on Globalization 
Jubilee 2000 UK 
Jubilee 2000 USA 
Jubilee South 
Mid-Atlantic Infoshop 
Mobilization for Global Justice 
Oxfam International 
Progressive Web sites 
The Ruckus Society 
Student Alliance to Reform Corporations 
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network 
Third World Network 
United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT) 
United Nations Development Programme 
United Nations International Computing Centre 
US Agency for International Development 
US State Department 
Women in Development 
World Bank 
World Development Movement 
World Trade Organization 
World Watch 

Ask Jeaves 

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