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Critics and Theorists

Dave Mazzucchelli

Modernist Poets

Tim O'Brien

  • Meta-Fiction and O'Brien's The Things They Carried
    Student essay that examines how O'Brien uses metafictive techniques to "commen[t] not only upon the war, but also upon the actual art of fiction: the means of storytelling, the purposes behind them, and ultimately the relationship between fiction and reality itself."

Leslie Silko

Jean Toomer

Virginia Woolf

  • EBooks at Adelaide
    Online and downloadable versions of many of Woolf's books and essay collections, including Mrs. Dalloway.
  • History's Child: Virginia Woolf, Heritage, and Historical Consciousness
    Author Mia Carter examines Woolf's representation of her childhood. Carter claims that "Woolf wrestles with her childhood enthrallment with her own national heritage, class, and culture."
  • Introduction to the Oxford Edition of Mrs. Dalloway
    Critic David Bradshaw discusses the novel's treatment of the social and psychological wounds of WWI, mental illness and contemporary politics.
  • Literary History: Virginia Woolf
    Extensive list of links to full-text articles on Woolf and her works, including Mrs. Dalloway.
  • The Literature Network: Virginia Woolf
    Brief biography and description of several of Woolf's works, as well as links to articles on Woolf.
  • Literature Online: Mrs. Dalloway
    A brief biography of Woolf and a study guide to Mrs. Dalloway that includes plot summary and notes on style and recurring themes.
  • "Modern Novels"
    Woolf's essay, which appeared in a 1919 issue of The Times Literary Supplement, identifies elements that distinguish the work of modern writers from their 19th-century predecessors.
  • Mrs. Dalloway
    Resources from a graduate seminar on Woolf include an overview of the author's use of narrative, excerpts from her diary, an annotated bibliography of critical writings on Mrs. Dalloway and a list of party guests with descriptive quotations.
  • The New York Times: Virginia Woolf
    From the New York Times archive, reviews of Woolf's books, including Mrs. Dalloway, and articles about the author. Site requires registration.
  • Woolf Seminar: Links
    Ella Clark's site for her seminar on Mrs. Dalloway features maps of various characters' walks through London, a structural outline of the novel, and a list of connections between Mrs. Dalloway and The Waste Land.

Historical and Contextual Resources


  • Al Filreis's Modernism Site
    Documents and other artifacts to accompany a University of Pennyslvania course on modern and contemporary poetry. Collection includes images, poems, story excerpts and reviews of modernist works. Professor Al Filreis's course schedule also contains links to various reactions "against" modernism.
  • Modernism
    Professor Christopher Whitcombe's site discusses the roots of modernism, modernism and politics, and modernism and postmodernism, among other topics.
  • The Modernism Lab at Yale
    A virtual archive of collaborative research on the emergence of modernism. The YNote research tool features information on Eliot and Woolf, as well as other modernist writers. Site also includes"a wiki consisting of brief interpretive essays on literary works and movements of the period."
  • Modernism: The Modern Novel
    From Encyclopedia of the Novel, background on the historical contexts of modernity as well as features of the modernist novel, with examples from various texts. The entry also addresses the relationship between modernism and postmodernism.
  • Some Attributes of Modernist Literature
    Professor John Lye's description of some of modernist literature's key features.
  • Topics in the Twentieth Century: Modernism
    Definitions and extended analyses of the terms modern, modernity and modernism. Includes alternate beginning dates for "modernity" and "modernism."


  • Approaches to Po-Mo
    An introduction to ways of thinking about postmodernism.
  • Globalization and the Postmodern Turn
    Douglas Kellner's attempt to develop a critical theory of globalization. Kellner theorizes globalization in terms of both the modern and the postmodern "because we are currently involved in an interregnum period between an aging modern and an emerging postmodern era."
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Postmodernism
    Extensive page of links to resources on postmodernism; contains general resources on postmodern theory and information on individual theorists.

Reading Literature

  • Critical Reading: A Guide
    Professor John Lye explains the goals of interpretation and describes elements to analyze in poetry, fiction and fiction prose.
  • Oxford Reference Online: Literature [UW Restricted]
    Search entries from the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms as well as Oxford guides to English and American Literature, twentieth-century literature in English and A Dictionary of Writers and Their Works.