International Conferences of RCIE, KIET, and APEA

China and the World Economy


Global Economy

March 16-18, 2012, Seattle

Downloadable Papers

The followings are some of the papers scheduled to be presented in the conferences. They are posted for the convenience of the participants and those who are interested in these papers. The first listed author is generally the one expected to present the paper.

Copyrights of the papers are owned by the authors. For the latest version of the papers, please contact the authors directly.

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March 16, 2012: "China and the World Economy"


Kwan S. Kim, Renping Hao, and Andrew Champeau Growth, Environment, and Politics; the Case of China
Guonan Ma, Yan Xiandong and Liu Xi China's evolving reserve requirements
Alicia S.T. Robbins and John Perez-Garcia Impacts of Illegal Logging Restrictions on China's Forest Products Trade
Kentaro Kawasaki Do the "ASEAN plus three" countries come closer to OCA?
Jinjun Xue and Wenshu Gao How Large is the Urban-Rural Income Gap in China?
Robert McCauley Reminbi internationalisation and China's financial development
Zaigui Yang and Kerong Zhang Public pension, joy-of-giving and housing in China
Levis Kochin and Melissa Knox Behavioral Accommodations to the Excess Supply of Men in the Chinese Marriage Market
Guenter S. Heiduk and Yue Jiang Does China's Opening-up De-industrialize Europe's Center and Industrialize its Periphery?
Yi Huang Can the Precautionary Motive Explain the Chinese Corporate Savings Puzzle? Evidence from the Liquid Assets Perspective
Theresa M. Greaney and Yao Li Foreign Direct Investment and Income Inequality in China
Byung-Jun Song Korean Economic Trend and Economic Partnership between Korea and China
March 17-18, 2012: "Global Economy"

Shin-ichi Fukuda Regional Liquidity Risk and Covered Interest Parity during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Tokyo, London, and New York
Eric C. Wang and Eskander Alvi Relative Efficiency of Government Spending and Its Determinants: Evidence from OECD and Asian Countries
Jie Qin To Trade, Or Not To Trade: A Model of Regret and Investment
Hiro Lee and Ken Itakura Welfare Changes and Sectoral Adjustments of Asia-Pacific Countries under Alternative Sequencings of Free Trade Agreements
T. Gries, M. Redlin Trade Openness and Economic Growth: A Panel Causality Analysis
Andrew Hughes Hallett and Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva Currency War vs. Currency Peace: The Dollar and Renminbi in a World of Portfolio and Current Account Imbalances
Masayuki Otaki The employment-isolation effect under a flexible exchange rate
T. Gries and R. Grundmann Trade and Fertility: The Impact of Exports and Export Structures
K. Sharma Globalisation and Vertical Specialisation in the Australian Passenger Motor Vehicle Industry
Yunfang Hu and Kazuo Minoy Fiscal Policy in An Open Economy with Home Production
Iwao Tanaka Auto Parts TradeTrade : Elasticity of Substitution in a Third Market
Yan Ma and Eric Bond Learning by Doing and Fragmentation
Dongsoo Kim Social Effects of Regional Income Disparities
Winston W. Chang The Economics of Offshoring
Levan Efremidze, Ozan Sula, and Thomas Willett Measuring International Reserve Adequacy: Further Evidence  From The Global Financial Crisis



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