An International Conference

International Trade, Dynamics, and Growth

Kobe University, July 23-25, 2001

List of Participants
List of Papers
Local Accommodation and Local Transportation

Organizing Units: International Economics and Finance Society Japan
Research Center for International Economics
, University of Washington
Sponsor: Japanese Government Ministry of Education Aid for Science Research on Priority Area (B)
Research Center for International Economics, City University of Hong Kong and University of Washington
Organizer: Jota Ishikawa, Hitotsubashi University
Program Committee: Koji Shimomura, Kobe University (chair)
Fumio Dei, Kobe University
Ngo Van Long, McGill University
Kar-yiu Wong, University of Washington
Venue: Takigawa Memorial Hall, Kobe University

This conference will be held one day after the Far Eastern Econometric Society meetings to be held at Kobe University, July 20-22, 2001.

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