Advanced Training Program on

Economic and BA Research and Publishing

Seattle, August 11 - 29, 2008

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living in Seattle


The tuition is US$1800 for the first two weeks. For the third week, the tuition is US$1000 if the participant also attends the first part of the program; otherwise it is US$1,200. The tuition will cover the cost of the field trip(s) (held some time in the first two weeks, transportation and admission included but not meals), a computer account at the University of Washington, and the use of many university facilities such as libraries. Participants with a suitable laptop computer can get wireless internet connection in many parts of the campus. Insurance and medical costs are not covered. All participants can participate in the one-day workshop on August 23, 2008 without additional charge.

The participants can stay in university dorm rooms. The per-person costs of staying in a room (before the applicable sales tax and a non-refundable reservation fee, inclusive of a two-meal plan each day) are as follows (in US$):


  double occupancy single occupancy
August 10 - 14 (14 nights) $759.50 $1,046.50
August 10 - 30 (20 nights) $1,085.00 $1,495.00
August 22 - 30 (8 nights) $434.00 $598.00
each additional night $54.25 $74.75


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