Advanced Training Program on

Economic and BA Research and Publishing

Seattle, August 13 - 31, 2007

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-         English will be the medium of instruction.

-         At least one field trip to visit a local business or a government office will be provided. If time allows and if arrangement can be made, a second field trip will be arranged.

-         The following types of lectures are being planned (subject to availability of instructors):

o       general knowledge:

*  English usage in writing academic papers

*  the economies of the US, state of Washington, and Seattle

*  the relations between the economies of US and Asia

o       economic and business administration papers and reports

*  organization, citation, and styles of papers

*  presentation of papers and report

*  the use of computer word processors

o       international journals: submission, acceptance, and rejection

*  editorial decision of some international journals (presented by some editors of these journals)

*  how to increase the chance of acceptance

*  life and work after rejection

o       frontiers of theories of economics and business administration

*  new developments of the theories, and notes in research in various areas

-         The lectures will be given by experienced researchers in the fields and editors (current and/or former) of international journals about what to do and what not to do in order to increase the chance of acceptance.

-         Students will be divided into groups. Each group is expected to write a paper and present it at the end of the program.

-         Grades (excellent/satisfactory/non-satisfactory/fail) will be given to students based on their attendance, performance in class, and the paper.

-         At the end of the program, upon satisfactory performance in the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion of the program.


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