Jon on the Chumstick Snag (left)

"When you swing your leg over the top, it's like riding a dinosaur," said the old-time climber about the Chumstick Snag. "Of course, pay homage to the shrine at the bottom if you get off that sandstone monster alive."

We never did see a shrine, but riding the top of that fin is the closest I ever have been to bronco busting, stegosaurus-style.


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Welcome! This page highlights my interests in financial, legal, and environmental economics. For pictures of mountains and tales of bravado, visit my personal page.

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Research page - Links to current research and previously published papers 

New! Here is an article about climbing the Bulger list of Top 100 mountains in Washington state.

Professional affiliations and activities (with a cool picture of Forbidden Peak)


Recent papers (see also my research page): 

 “Unlikely sabotage: Comment on Bloomfield, Marvăo, and Spagnolo,” Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2023.     “Enforcement Waves and Spillovers,” with Hae Mi Choi, Xiaoxia Lou, and Gerald S. Martin, Management Science (March 2023)     “Which Antitakeover Provisions Matter?” with Robert J. Schonlau and Eric W. Wehrly, Journal of Corporate Finance 75 (August 2022), 102218.
 The Tragedy of ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’ – Hardin vs. the Property Rights Theorists, Journal of Law and Economics 65(S1, February 2022.     The Lifecycle Effects of Firm Takeover Defenses, with William C. Johnson and Sangho Yi, Review of Financial Studies 35(6),  June 2022.   On a Stakeholder Model of Corporate Governance, Financial Management 50(2), Summer 2001.
 Shareholder Perks and Firm Value (with Robert J. Schonlau and Katsushi Suzuki), Review of Financial Studies 34(12), December 2021.    The Trust Triangle: Laws, Reputation, and Culture in Empirical Finance Research” (with Quentin Dupont), The Journal of Business Ethics, 163 (2020), 217–238   The Future of Financial Fraud,” Journal of Corporate Finance 66(1) February 2021, 101694 

Miscellaneous essays

2021 Statement of the Financial Economists Roundtable on SEC mandates for ESG reporting

A short essay on writing, for all of us aspiring writers


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