Clipperton_Distant_Palms_Arrival_morning.jpgClipperton Atoll Expedition - 2008Boulevard_St_Michel.jpg

Sachs Lab
School of Oceanography
University of Washington
February 23 - March 22, 2008

On February 23rd, 2008 three members of the Sachs Lab (Prof. Julian Sachs and graduate students Alyssa Atwood & Dan Nelson) and one member of the Prof. Edouard Bard and Prof. Kazuyo Tachikawa labs (graduate student Olivier Cartapanis, CEREGE-Aix en Provence, France) embarked on a month-long expedition to Clipperton Atoll, a tiny uninhabited island in the eastern tropical North Pacific under French rule, to core the sediments of its closed lagoon for climate reconstructions of the last millennium.  Here you can find photographs and descriptions of this rarely-seen island, the science and sampling we conducted, and the unique collaboration we had with our expedition partners, a team of 20 amateur "ham" radio operators on a "DXpedition".

For a more detailed description of the trip click here.

This research was funded by the National Geographic Society, who have all rights to these images, and by the US National Science Foundation

Clipperton Atoll Location, Bathymetry Map & Satellite Image

Clipperton_Location_MapClipperton Island MapSatellite Image of Clipperton Island
The Science Team

The Science Team
Left to right:  Alyssa Atwood, Olivier Cartapanis, Julian Sachs, Dan Nelson

Gearing Up & En Route to Clipperton

Packing the TruckDSCN4583.jpgOur 2,614 km route from San Diego to Clipperton.Loading the ShogunDan_Alyssa_Olivier_Shogun.jpgChecking the SondeOlivier, Alyssa, and DanDan_Alyssa_Olivier_Shogun.jpgArriving at the IslandSpam_MenuBruce_at_the_BridgeAlyssa, Julian, and DanInitial Skiff Runs
On the Island
BoobiesBoobie_Song.jpgClipperton CrabFrigate_male_red.jpgGreen_feet_Boobie_ocean.jpgLooking Out at the Anchored ShogunSkiff_trip_off_island.jpgThunderstorm_camp.jpgScientist_Sleeping_Quarters.jpgScience_Tent.jpgJulian_and_Joel_fix_engine.jpgBougainville_Palms.jpgJulian_Bougainville_soil.jpgBougainville_Boobie_plaque.jpgDilapidated Structure at BougainvilleDan_Alyssa_Bougainville.jpgSSB_Tent.jpgBob on the RadioClipperton TrashA Lost Oceanographic BuoyShipwreck.jpgLast_night_on_ClippertonThe sun sets behind the palm trees on our last night on the island, March 14, 2008.The Radio TeamClipperton_Memorial_Toilet.jpg
Research Activities
Alyssa on the Water BoatDan and Julian with a Sediment CoreA Sediment Core Close-UpGytcha Structure Close-UpMarl Structure Close-UpCP1-UCD_88cm_14C_smp.jpgFilter_Tan_15m.jpgFilter_Red_16pt5m.jpgA Late-Night Sectioning SessionJulian and Dan Sectioning a CoreDan with a Sediment CoreFilter System and Sample Close-UpAlyssa and a Suspended Particle SampleAlyssa with the Shuttle BoatAlyssa and Olivier on the Water BoatAlyssa on the Water Boat 2Water_Sample_Julian_Bougainville.jpgLagoon_Low_water_Level_3-15-08.jpg

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