1. Files to implement spatial survey method descibed in Chen, Wakefield and Lumley "The use of sample weights in Bayesian spatial hierarchical models for small area estimation" is here. Code was written by Cici Chen and Laina Mercer.
    2. Bayes Analysis of Two-Phase Data: Random Sampling Code is here and example is here. Bayes Analysis of Two-Phase Data: Case-Control Sampling Code is here and example is here. Accompanying paper is to appear in Biometrics. Code was written by Michelle Ross.
    3. Details of R package to perform various methods in Spatial Epidemiology can be found here SpatialEpi
    4. Details of R package to evaluate methods described in Biometrics paper (paper is here) can be found at HWEBAYES
      WinBUGS code for examining Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium here. R script to run the four allele example from the Biometrics paper here. Short user-manual for this example: here.
    5. Bayesian population PK/PD modeling developed for BUGS by me, Dave Lunn, Nicky Best and Dave Spiegelhalter: PKBUGS
    6. Bugs code for Zhou and Wakefield (2006, Biometrics) paper on curve clustering here
    7. Excel spreadsheet for calculating approximate Bayes factors for genetic epidemiology studies here ; R code is here and here (the latter for combining two studies also). Example is here
      The paper "A Bayesian Measure of the Probability of False Discovery in Genetic Epidemiology Studies" is on the publications page.
    8. The R Code to carry out two-phase sampling in an ecological setting as descibed in "Overcoming ecological bias using the two-phase study design" by Wakefield and Haneuse, American Journal of Epidemiology (see publications page for more details) is here, and requires the R functions tps.q - the latter is an R version of th e Splus code written by Norm Breslow and Nilanjan Chatterjee, details of which can be found at Norm Breslow's website The code works with the North Carolina data infantsAgg.dat.
    9. Spatio-Temporal Modeling Paper "Bayesian Penalized Spline Models for the Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Count Data" by Chen et al to be posted soon, for now here is a movie to download.