Psychology 448: Autumn 2015

Eight papers are due at various points throughout the quarter (see the syllabus for exact dates). For each paper, you will read a research article and then, in no more than two pages, summarize the article's main points, your reaction to it, and pose a discussion question we might use in class on the following class session.

Paper Specifications

Each paper must be no more than 2 pages in length with the following specifications:

  • double-spaced with no extra spacing between any of the paragraphs
  • normal font
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • Name, assignment # (e.g., Paper 3) and page numbers in a header that appears on every page. Note: You cannot just type this information on every page; instead you must learn to use a header
  • You must submit an electronic copy to the course dropbox (see course website for URL) by 5 pm on FRIDAY afternoon, three days before the upcoming class. Late papers will not be accepted unless accompanied by a doctor's note. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The title of your paper MUST include your name and the paper number. For example: Jon Doe, Paper.1.docx.

Paper Points

Papers will be graded on a pass/fail basis. There are 8 papers and you must receive credit on 6 of them to receive credit for the course.





0110/05 IntroductionArticle 1 (10/09)
0210/12 What is self-esteem?Article 2 (10/16)
0310/19 Self-Esteem DevelopmentArticle 3 (10/23)
0410/26 Self-EvaluationsArticle 4 (10/30)
0511/02 Feelings of Self-WorthArticle 5 (11/06)
0611/09 Self-Evaluations and Feelings of Self-WorthArticle 6 (11/13)
0711/16  No Class
0811/23 Indirect Self-EnhancementArticle 7 (11/27)
0911/30 Self-VerificationArticle 8 (12/04)
1012/07 Self-Esteem and CultureNo Assignment



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Course Reading

The readings will be available on September 28, 2015. There is no book.

Final Exam

There is no final exam for this course.