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John G. Cramer

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Here are some scientific HyperCard stacks that I developed a few years ago. They are freely available to download for personal use.
(Commercial resale is not permitted without explicit permission.)

John G. Cramer

These files are ASCII .hex files of compressed self-extracting archives (.sea). They are to be used with Hypercard 2.0 or higher operating on a Macintosh.
Click below to download.

  • "Sol's Neighbors" (81k) - A star catalog with 3-D mapping graphics and properties of hypothetical Earth-like planets for all the star systems within 16 light years of our Solar System. Recommended for SF writers who are planning "a little trip".

  • "The Chemical Elements" (106k) - A periodic table of the elements with chemical properties, some isotope data, and electron shell structure diagrams. This stack is intended for operation in conjunction with the Isotopes stack (below).

  • "Table of the Isotopes" (455k) - An isotope table compiled from data downloaded from a DOE database in 1987, including capabilities for transitions through radioactive decays and nuclear reactions. This stack is intended for operation in conjunction with the Chemical Elements stack (above).

  • Stack Trio (607k) - Download all three of these stacks at once.

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