Step 2: Hiragana typing

Setting Katakana

Typing methods

  1. See the upper chart for the basic hiragana syllables, hiragana with diacritical marks, and contracted sounds.
  2. There are two ways to type double consonants:
    みっか (mikka)
    み (mi) + っ ([x] or [l] + [tu]) + か (ka)
    Hit "x" or "l" before the letter that you would like to make small.
  3. In typing long vowels, despite the pronunciation, type as hiragana spelling shows.
    きょう consists of きょ (kyo) + う (u), instead of きょお (kyoo)

Typing practices

I. Type the following words. Do not place any extra space at the end.

(1) ほん
(2) きんようび
(3) あさって
(4) はっぴゃくえん
(5) りょこう
(6) きょうかしょ

II. Listen and type the following words and phrases. Note that this will not work in Netscape Navigator.


Setting Katakana