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Alien Rule and Its Discontents:
Conference June 3-4, 2005

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Michael Hechter

Professor of Sociology
University of Washington

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Michael Hechter is Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington. He has previously been on the faculties of the Universities of Arizona and Oxford.  A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hechter is the author of Internal Colonialism: The Celtic Fringe in British National Development, 1536-1966 (1975; new edition, 1999), Principles of Group Solidarity (1987), and Containing Nationalism (2000). He is the editor of The Microfoundations of Macrosociology (1983), and co-editor of Social Institutions: Their Emergence, Maintenance and Effects (1990), The Origin of Values (1993), Social Norms (2001, 2005), and Theories of Social Order (2003). His current research focuses on nationalism, the politics of culture, the problem of social order, and the measurement of individual values.