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Biostatistics 513 --- Spring 2000
Stata tutorial

The following is a brief introduction to the use of Stata 6.0, covering basic necessities like opening and closing files, getting help, modifying data and printing. Any statistics in this tutorial is purely incidental and you do not need to understand it. The only major difference between this tutorial and the one for Fall quarter is the last section on data modification commands.

Stata 6.0 can be found under Start| Programs| Pub Health Software| Intercooled Stata. A window will appear, containing several subwindows. You will probably want to make this window bigger (you can drag the bottom right corner of the window to enlarge it). The subwindows include Stata Results (black and gold window), Stata Command, Review and Variables. Other possible windows which do not appear immediately include Help, Graph, Log and Stata Browser. You can remove any windows except Results and Command if they are cluttering up the screen too much and then redisplay them using the Window Menu.

Thomas Lumley
Wed Jan 22 09:16:46 PST 1997