The Southern Diaspora

How the Great Migrations of Black and White Southerners Transformed America

by James N. Gregory

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Links and Web Resources

James N. Gregory has published another book and several articles (three on-line below) on aspects of the Southern Diaspora:

American Exodus: The Dust Bowl Migration and Okie Culture in California. New York: Oxford University Press, 1989.(Winner of the 1991 Ray Allen Billington Prize from the Organization of American Historians; winner of  the 1990 Annual Book Award from the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association)

“Great Migrations, Great Stories, Great History?” Reviews in American History, (forthcoming, 2012)

“Paying Attention to Moving Americans: Migration Knowledge in the Age of Internal Migration, 1930s-1970s,” Migrants and Migration in Modern North America: Cross-Border Lives, Labor Markets, and Politics in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States, eds. Dirk Hoerder and Nora Faires (Durham: Duke University Press, 2011), 277-96.

“The Second Great Migration: An Historical Overview,” African American Urban History: The Dynamics of Race, Class and Gender since World War II, eds. Joe W. Trotter Jr. and Kenneth L. Kusmer (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009), 19-38.  

"Southernizing the American Working Class: Post War Episodes of Regional and Class Transformation," Labor History 39 (May 1998). A Labor History Forum article with comments by Thomas Sugrue, Grace Elizabeth Hale, and Alex Lichtenstein, and response by author

"The Southern Diaspora and the Urban Dispossessed: Demonstrating the Census Public Use Microdata Samples." Journal of American History 82 (June 1995).

"Dust Bowl Legacies: The Okie Impact on California 1939-1989"  California History (Fall 1989)


African American Great Migration

In Motion: The African American Migration Experience A beautiful site with important essays, photos, documents

North by South: The African American Great Migration  Lots of photos, documents, and short essays.

Digital Stories of Bronzeville Short oral histories of Black Chicago

Black Detroit in Cyberspace Oral histories, photos, and much more

Bronzeville Cultural Tour A virtual tour of Black Chicago with history, photos, and links

The Faces of  Detroit Hundreds of photographs from the Detroit News

Goin' To Chicago: A PBS Documentary Film 


The Dust Bowl Migration

 "Voices from the Dust Bowl: The Charles L. Todd and Robert Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection 1940-41" Songs and interviews recorded in the San Joaquin Valley migrant labor camps.

Dust Bowl Migration Digital Archives. A collection of 53 interviews conducted in 1980 and 1981 in Kern County, California.

Woody Guthrie and the Archive of American Folk Song: Correspondence 1940-1950


Appalachians and other white southerners in the North

Urban Appalachian Council of Greater Cincinnati

Migration from Appalachia: Central Appalachians in Midwestern Cities-- A Pathfinder

"Fifty Years Later: The Appalachian Populations of the Washington Cascades" by Harry Robie