Examining early Slavic imprints in Kirov/Viatka, 1996
Photo by Aleksei Miakishev

At work in a Xiongnu grave, Tamir site, Mongolia, 2005
Photo by Charlotte Green

A visit with Aurel Stein, 2009
Photo courtesy Jimsar County Museum (Xinjiang) staff.

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Short Curriculum vitae, as of 2005, includes links to old course syllabi

Curriculum vitae emphasizing Central Asia/Silk Road activities, updated June 2013

Bibliography of Academic Writings, complete to 13 December 2021

Silk Road Seattle. Many updates needed, but still contains a lot of useful material.

The Silk Road: Materials for an e-History (needs substantial updating)

Medieval and Early Modern Russia and Ukraine (needs substantial updating)

Waugh's Central Asia

An Automobile, a Bloodstained Uniform, and a Couch.
An interactive set of web pages inviting students of history to think about the way displays of material objects and their interpretation reflect the specific context of a museum and the city in which it is located. The example here is the displays in the room of the Military History Museum in Vienna devoted to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 29, 1914 in Sarajevo, the event which triggered World War I. I have posted these pages, created several years ago but never previously used, on the occasion of the centenary of the event, which is attracting a great deal of attention in the news. Readers should be aware that what I recorded about the exhibits a decade ago undoubtedly has changed at least somewhat in the current mounting of the displays, even though panning around the room on the museum's current website suggests the basics are still the same.

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Maxwaugh.com Photography, where one can view some wonderful wildlife photos

Slide shows:

Dan Waugh. Photographs 1968-2005

Mongolia 2005

Birds in Flight. Photos from 2014 Costa Rica trip organized by MaxWaugh.com with the local support of Costa Rica Expeditions


"In Memoriam Khaled al-Asaad 1932-2015" (2015). A photo tribute showing Palmyra before the destruction visited on it by Daesh.

"The Mezquita: A Photo Essay" (2015). The remarkable Umayyad mosque in Cordoba and its transformations.

"A Visit to Byzantium" (2014). Some notes and photos mostly of Byzantine monuments in Istanbul, taken in June 2014.

"Hagia Sophia. A Photo Essay" (2020).

"Kashgar: Lost in the Mists of Time. A photo essay" (2020).

Etherton at Kashgar: Rhetoric and Reality in the History of the "Great Game" (2007). Re-assessment of P. T. Etherton's alleged role as a hero in resisting the spread of Bolshevism in Asia.

Tamerlane’s Heirs. Perspectives on 1991 and Its Aftermath in Central Asia (2011). A collection of articles, some unpublished, including ones written in Tashkent in September 1991.

The Enthusiasms of Youth and Where they Led: A Memoir / Uvlecheniia iunosti i k chemu oni priveli: avtobiografiia,” Quaestio Rossica [Ekaterinburg], 2014, No. 2: 18-62; No. 3: 17-53. (In English and in a Russian translation by Elena Galitsyna).

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