Curriculum vitae

Daniel C.Waugh

Department of History, Box 353560
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195
tel.: 206-543-5790
fax: 206-543-9451


  • Since 1972, joint appointment in Department of History and Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington; beginning in September 2002, also a member of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature; current rank, Professor
  • 1991-1996, Chairman, Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Program, Jackson School of International Studies
  • 1994-1996, Director, U.S. Department of Education Title VI Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies
  • Education:

  • 1963, B. A. (Physics), Yale University
  • 1965, A.M. (Regional Studies--Soviet Union), Harvard University
  • 1972, Ph.D. (History), Harvard University
  • Graduate fields: Medieval and Modern Russia, Ottoman History, European Diplomatic History 1648-1815.

    Current areas of primary interest: Medieval and Early Modern Russia and Ukraine; Central Asia.


    Fluent Russian; reading German, French; some ability in various other European languages; study of Turkish, including Ottoman.


    Lecture courses--

  • Current: Medieval and Early Modern Russia and Ukraine; Early Russian Literature and Culture; The Silk Road.
  • Previously taught: Imperial Russia; Russian Civilization; Russia--10th century to present; Russian Culture to 1700; Byzantine History; Russia and Asia; (co-taught), Alternative Roads to Modernity (Russia and China), Europe Discovers the World.
  • Seminars/reading courses--

  • Recent/current: Central Eurasia: The Colonial Experience and Creation of National Identities;The Great Game: The Rivalry for Control of Central Asia; Russia in the Age of Peter the Great; Interdisciplinary bibliography and research methodology for area studies MAs
  • ; independent study reading courses on demand covering the several fields indicated by formal course titles.
  • Previously taught: Medieval and Early Modern Russia; Imperial Russia; Medieval Russian Chronicles; Medieval Russian Documents; Eighteenth-Century Russia; Inner Asia; The Mongols; The Travel Literature of the Age of Discovery; The Barbarous Kingdome and the Terrible Turke (travel literature on Muscovy and the Ottoman Empire); Byzantine History; (co-taught) Nationalism in Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Note: I shall retire from teaching in June of 2006 and therefore am no longer accepting graduate students.
  • Miscellaneous service:

    Member, Board of Directors, Civil Society International; Board member and content contributor for the Silkroad Foundation; member, Editorial Board, The Donald W. Treadgold Papers; co-editor, educational resources section, Central Eurasian Studies Review; editor, The Silk Road (newsletter/journal of the Silkroad Foundation)

    Selected Print Publications:


  • Slavianskie rukopisi Sobraniia grafa F. A. Tolstogo: Materialy k istorii sobraniia i ukazateli nyneshnikh i prezhnikh shifrov (The Slavic Manuscripts in the Collection of Count F. A. Tolstoi: Materials on the History of the Collection and Indexes to the Current and Former Code Numbers) (Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Company, 1977; 2nd ed., Leningrad: Biblioteka Akademii nauk SSSR, 1980), 121 pp.
  • The Great Turkes Defiance: On the History of the Apocryphal Correspondence of the Ottoman Sultan in Its Muscovite and Russian Variants, with a foreword by Academician Dmitrii Sergeevich Likhachev (Columbus, Ohio: Slavica Publishers, 1978), ix, 354 pp.
  • (editor), Essays in Honor of A. A. Zimin, Columbus, O.: Slavica: 1985, xiv + 416 pp.
  • (co-editor with M. Holt Ruffin), Civil Society in Central Asia (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999). 331 pp.
  • (Contributor; co-editor), Vagabond Life: The Caucasus Writings of George Kennan. Ed. with Intr. and Afterword by Frith Maier, with contributions by Daniel C. Waugh (Seattle, University of Washington Press, 2003), 266 pp.
  • Istoriia odnoi knigi: Viatka i "ne-sovremennost'" russkoi kul'tury v epokhu Petra Velikogo (The History of a Book: Viatka and the Non-Modernity of Russian Culture in the Age of Peter the Great) (St. Petersburg: Izdatel'stvo "Dmitrii Bulanin," 2003), 395 pp.
  • Articles (in order of publication date, earliest first)

    Reviews in *Slavic Review, *Russian Review, Russian History, *American Historical Review, English Historical Review, *Speculum, The Medieval Review(on-line publication), Canadian-American Slavic Studies, Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Kritika, Recenzija, IPH Information, REECAS Newsletter, Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies; **Nationalities Papers.
    Note: *Text of reviews in journals marked thus may be searched on-line through libraries which subscribe to the JSTOR database; **text available on-line in libraries which subscribe to electronic version of journal.

    Selected Electronic Publications:

  • The Silk Road--Materials for an e-History
  • Project coordinator and contributor, Silk Road Seattle
  • Medieval and Early Modern Russia and Ukraine (a resource page)

  • Waugh's Central Asia (a resource page)
  • The Pax Mongolica
  • Travellers on the Silk Road (co-authored with Adela Lee and Lance Jenott), an ongoing project providing an annotated guide to travel and travel accounts of the Silk Road
  • A Sven Hedin Bibliography
  • "Unpacking Evidence: Material Culture/Objects," World History Matters
  • [editor], "The Kyrgyz Epic Manas: Selections," translated, introduced and annotated by Elmira Köçümkulkïzï, published on the Silkroad Foundation website.
  • Work in progress: The letters and photographs of C. P. Skrine from Xinjiang in the early 1920s. Book and articles, ECD 2005.

    Revised April 13, 2005