Design as Inquiry

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Office: Sieg Hall, Room 409
Campus Box: 352315
Office Phone: 206.685.3343

I am an assistant professor of Human Centered Design and Engineering and co-direct the TAT Lab at the University of Washington. My new book Critical Fabulations examines whose stories underpin design and how by reworking those stories we can make the world differently.

Selected Writing

Rosner, D. K., S. Shorey, B. Craft, H. Remick (2018). Making Core Memory CHI'18. Best Paper Award.

Rosner, D. K. and S. E. Fox. (2016) "Legacies of craft and the centrality of failure in a mother-operated hackerspace." Journal of New Media & Society .

Saegusa, K., Trans, T. and D. Rosner (2016). Mimetic Machines: Collaborative Interventions in Digital Fabrication with Arc CHI'16. Honorable Mention.

Fox, S. and D. Rosner (2016). Continuing the Dialogue: Bringing Research Accounts Back into the Field. CHI'16. Honorable Mention.

Rosner, D. K. and F. Turner (2014) Theaters of Alternative Industry In Design Thinking Research eds. C. Meinel and L. Leifer.