Design as Inquiry

dkrosner [at]

Office: Sieg Hall, Room 409
Campus Box: 352315
Office Phone: 206.685.3343

I am an assistant professor of Human Centered Design and Engineering inhabiting the strange in-between worlds of design (a haptics of cultural production) and critical inquiry (a practice of theoretical intervening). I also co-direct the TAT Lab at UW.

Selected Writing

Rosner, D. K. and S. E. Fox. (2016) "Legacies of craft and the centrality of failure in a mother-operated hackerspace." Journal of New Media & Society .

Saegusa, K., Trans, T. and D. Rosner. Mimetic Machines: Collaborative Interventions in Digital Fabrication with Arc CHI'16. Honorable Mention.

Fox, S. and D. Rosner. Continuing the Dialogue: Bringing Research Accounts Back into the Field. CHI'16. Honorable Mention.

Rosner, D., Kawas, S., Li, W., Tilley, N. and Y. Sung. Out of Time, Out of Place: Reflections on Design Workshops as a Social Research Method CSCW'16. Honorable Mention.

Rosner, D. K. and F. Turner (2014) Theaters of Alternative Industry In Design Thinking Research eds. C. Meinel and L. Leifer.