CHEM 550 & 475, Autumn 2008
Introduction to Quantum Chemistry

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Instructor: Associate Professor David Ginger
Email: ginger@chem

Office: Bagley 213
Office Hours: TBA
Telephone: 5-2331

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Meeting Times and Locations

MWF Bag 260 8:30-9:20am

Th MGH 044 (computer lab) 8:30-9:20am (unless otherwise announced) 


The bookstore was unable to get enough used copies of Levine's Quantum Chemistry 5th Edition, so we will use the 6th Edition this year.

Homework sets and exams will require require 24 hour access to a personal computer and your own copy of Maple.  Visit: (you'll need your UW network ID). Note: Graduate students can download Maple for FREE for installation on their own computer. Undergraduates will need to buy a copy for use on their own computer for (at time of this writing) $50, or else arrange to install it (free) on a UW-owned computer to which they will have 24 hour access.

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