Anders Hansen

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"Bring that camera closer and I'll Swage you."

Migrating in from Norway in 2003 (or so he claims - he should acquire a Norwegian accent if he wants to be believed), and later arriving at the University of Washington and working under Deep, Anders' knack for stuffing inconceivable numbers of electronic frequency control devices into metal boxes has been more than useful for the lab. In fact, it seems that Anders' latest project (seen in these photos) may not be a pipe dream after all. And even though we know he may soon have the ultimate squirt gun, we keep Anders around for his abilities in sorting dB from dBm (and other work with logarithmic scales), translations of various languages, and of course for all the yummy lefse.

Anders preparing his water directing apparatus for subsequent coworker drenching.