Billy English

Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases

at the University of Washington

"Never turn your back on a Hänsch-Couillaud Optical Cavity"

Of Billy's major tasks around the lab is funny noise production; whether it be squeaking the eyepiece of the infrared viewer, making victory squeals of joy, or cursing the 899 Ring Laser for not producing the correct mode or enough output wattage. Billy is often heard reverting to his archaeological background in his comments about the artifacts found in his special laser beam.

Among other peculiar habits, Billy is quite territorial, remaining in the same general location as the laser doubling cavity for hours on end. Some also say that his iPod earpiece has been surgically attached, and may in fact actually be a mind-controlling device.

In all, Billy is one of the many interesting subjects you might witness on typical day in the lab.

Death by Swage
Billy undergoing torture by Swage-type device.