Select a Neuroscientist:

Rebekah Corlew
Research Coordinator, Functional Architecture and Development of Cerebral Cortex, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Cynthia Jordan
Professor, Michigan State University (MSU) and Associate Director, Neuroscience Program

Ellen Kuwana
Staff Writer, Neuroscience for Kids web site, University of Washington

Frances Mary Ashcroft
Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford

Leslie P. Tolbert
Professor of Neurobiology, University of Arizona

Rae Nishi
Professor, University of Vermont Medical School

Christine H. Block
Grants Facilitator in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Pharmacology, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

Elizabeth Engle
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Grants Facilitator, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

Rosamund Fay Langston
PhD student, Division of Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh.

Chinna Orish
Lecturer, Head of Department of Anatomy
University of Portharcourt, Nigeria

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