Brain Rhyme Time

The answers to each of the next questions rhyme with the word "brain." For example, for the question, "A brain on the tracks," the answer is Brain Train. There could be more than one correct answer.
In a storm?______________ Made a spot?_______________ It hurts?________________
Most important?________________ Most conceited?_____________ Most logical?__________________
An aid for walking?________________ A Scandinavian?__________________ Used for bread?________________
Used to pick things up?________________ Where it lives?__________________ Overworked?____________________
It flys?___________________ When linked?___________________ A blood vessel.__________________
A fake.______________________ Get more.___________________ A Northeastern State one._________________
Just regular.____________________ It rules.__________________ Western European Country.__________________
When injured.___________________ It's a gas.____________________ On an addictive drug._____________________
It's still here.____________________ Hold back._________________ When grumbling.____________________

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