Brain Rhyme Time

In a storm? Brain Rain Made a spot? Brain Stain When it hurts? Brain Pain
Most important? Main Brain Most conceited? Vain Brain Most logical? Sane Brain
An aid for walking? Brain Cane
A Scandinavian? Dane Brain
Used for bread? Brain Grain
Used to pick things up? Brain Crane Where it lives? Brain Lane Overworked? Brain Strain
It flys! Brain Plane It is linked. Brain Chain A blood vessel. Brain Vein
A fake. Brain Feign Get more. Brain Gain A Northeastern State one. Maine Brain
Just regular. Plain Brain It rules. Brain Reign Western European Country. Spain Brain
When injured. Brain Sprain It's a gas. Butane Brain On an addictive drug. Cocaine Brain
It's still here. Brain Remain Hold back. Restrain Brain When grumbling. Brain Complain

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