Internet Neuroscience Treasure Hunt - #2

Treasure Hunt #2 is now over.

Please try Internet Treasure Hunt #3

Treasure -- Treasure -- Treasure

Do I have your attention now? Here is a contest, a game, a challenge.

Your job is to find the Internet addresses (URLs) for ten items. You know what a URL's that funny "" type thing. Some of the URLs for the items can be found right here in these pages of "Neuroscience for Kids". Send me an e-mail me when you have found all of the URLs.

For example, if the question is "Find a TV show about science", one answer could be:

Bill Nye the Science Guy at

See? It's easy! If you send me the correct answers to the questions, you will win the Golden Neuron Award.

"What is the Golden Neuron Award?," you ask? It is NOT fame, fortune and a new car. The Golden Neuron Award () is recognition on a SPECIAL PAGE that is set-up to list you as the winner of the Golden Neuron Award. If all goes well, this will be a monthly contest.

The hunt is open right now...

[email] Send your answers to me (Eric H. Chudler) at Include whatever information about yourself that you want posted on this page (name, grade, school, age). If you don't want your name posted, just say so.

Only the first 25 people with the correct answers will be listed on the GOLDEN NEURON AWARD PAGE

OK, are the questions. Where can you find:

  1. A picture of any animal brain except a human brain.
  2. A picture of a neuron.
  3. A page that discusses Parkinson's disease.
  4. A page that discusses Alzheimer's disease.
  5. A laboratory that studies sleep.
  6. A page describing the effects of drugs (any drug) on the brain.
  7. A Department of Neurology.
  8. A page about the auditory system.
  9. A page about the visual system.
  10. A page about memory.
Can you find the Internet locations for these 10 things? If so, go for the gold...the Golden Neuron Award, that is. There are plenty of "correct answers" for each question. Explore the WWW...use "search engines" like Yahoo or Altavista if you want.

Send your answers to me (Eric H. Chudler) at


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