Neuroscience Treasure Hunt - #3

Treasure -- Treasure -- Treasure

Treasure Hunt #3 is now closed!

Please try Treasure Hunt #4

Do I have your attention now? Here is a contest, a game, a challenge.

Your job is to find the answers to 10 questions related to the brain and nervous system. All of the answers can be found right here on the pages of "Neuroscience for Kids." Send me an e-mail ( when you have found all of the answers.

It's easy! If you send me the correct answers to all of the questions, you will win the Golden Neuron Award.

"What is the Golden Neuron Award?," you ask? It is NOT fame, fortune and a new car. The Golden Neuron Award () is recognition on a SPECIAL PAGE. (You can see the winners of treasure hunt #2 on their special page and also several winners who have completed treasure hunt #3.)

Treasure hunt #4 is NOW CLOSED...please try Treasure Hunt #4

[email] Send your answers to me (Eric H. Chudler) at Include whatever information about yourself that you want posted on this page (name, grade, school, age). If you don't want your name posted, just say so.

Winners with the correct answers will be listed on the GOLDEN NEURON AWARD PAGE.


OK, are the questions:

  1. What structure connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain?
  2. What plant does the drug heroin come from?
  3. What neurological disorder is characterized by seizures and abnormal electrical brain activity?
  4. What is the average weight of the human brain?
    (Your answer should be within 1 pound or 200 grams of the correct answer.)
  5. There are many different neurotransmitters. Name one of them.
  6. About how many neurons are in the human brain?
    (Your answer should be within 1 billion neurons of the correct answer.)
  7. What is the junction between two neurons called?
  8. What lobe of the brain is concerned primarily with vision?
  9. What is the name of one type of touch receptor in the skin?
  10. What structure in the eye contains photoreceptors?

Can you answer these questions? If so, go for the gold...the Golden Neuron Award, that is.

Send your answers to me (Eric H. Chudler) at


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