Brain Awareness Week - 1998

University of Washington
March 20, 1998

Between 250-300 elementary, middle, and high school students attended the 1998 University of Washington Brain Awareness Week Open House on March 20, 1998 (10 am to 1 pm; Health Sciences Bldg., 3rd Floor Lobby).

Map of Exhibits
The Open House

On arrival to the Open House, each student received material provided by the DANA Alliance for Brain Initiatives including:

  • a BAW button
  • a BAW bag
  • "Brain Connections" pamphlet
  • "Mysteries of the Brain" pamphlet

There were several UW departments and other organizations with interactive exhibits for the students to see. Students were connected to EEG machines for recording of their brain waves, a transcranial doppler machine to measure their brain blood flow and a visual/auditory response time device to measure their reaction time. The Pacific Science Center/Group Health Cooperative Brain Power Team provided many exhibits that they bring out to schools and even had a real human brain for the students to hold. The ThinkFirst! organization also provided a powerful demonstration of the importance of wearing helmets during bike riding and other potentially dangerous activities.

Top photo by Jordan Rehm

Student Comments about the Open House
  • "My personal favorite was seeing brain waves, and having my brain waves examined. I was very excited about showing my Mom my brain waves."

  • "I learned to definitely always wear my helmet on a bike even though I already do. If you don't wear your helmet the things that could happen may ruin your life! It was the best field trip I even went on!"

  • "My brain is really stuffed because I learned so much, I can't think of anything else."

  • "One fact I learned is the brain weighs 3 pounds. Also, I learned that you can be awake when they're operating in a brain."

  • "My favorite part is when I got to see my brain waves."

  • "I learned that there are four stages of sleep. I thought there was only one, sleep!"

  • "This field trip inspired me to wear a helmet, use your brain and don't damage it. I also learned that alpha is when you're relaxed and beta is when you're thinking."

  • "Another great exhibit was the one with a real brain, spinal cord and vertebrae. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to do that."

  • "One thing that I learned is that the brain is pinkish when it is in your head. Another thing I learned is that the spinal cord is soft and is protected by a bone."

  • "I liked the sleep display a lot because I got to sit in a soft chair and sit down after all the walking I did. I also liked it because I learned something."

More photos from the Open House

Brain wave recording

EEG tracings

EEG recording

Brain blood flow recording

EEG puzzle

Brain Power Team


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