Brain Awareness Week - 1998

Lake Forest Park Elementary School
March 2, 1998

Classes of Mrs. Laurie Pearson and Mrs. Mary Ann Scherf

Comparative Neuroanatomy

Making Brain/Neuron Models

The Stroop Effect

Making Brain/Neuron Models

Brain Model

Comparative Neuroanatomy

"During Brain Awareness Week I...

loved the jello that Dr. Chudler gave us. I really liked to look at the real brains."

liked the most is looking at the brain. It was fun!"

thank you for coming to our classroom."

liked the jello and I liked the egg when it broke. I liked it a lot!"

learned that my brain helps me taste. It controls my body. It helps me forget and remember."

learned that my brain helps me think."

saw real brains and I never had. I did activities. I had fun. It helps us feel, see, hear, taste, smell. I liked the jello."

I learned that my brain helps me hear, feel, see, smell and taste."


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