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Credit Company

Plotting Software
Text reads: "Now The Right Side Knows What The Left Side Is Doing"

I would like to add to this collection of "Brain Advertisements." If you would like to contribute to this page, please send a copy of any "brainy ads" to me at:

Dr. Eric H. Chudler
CSNE, Box 37
1414 NE 42nd St.
Seattle, WA 98105-6271

Online Marketing Company
Text reads: "How much of your brain is in favor of finding and keeping more customers?"

Video Display

Electronic Press Kit


Stop Smoking Aid

Education Foundation



Chemical Company


Car Company
Text reads: "The brain may be the most complex object in the universe. Deserving of all the myriad stimulation the XXX can provide."

Voice-Over Internet Software

Energy Company

Science Magazine

Jewelry Company

Scientific Job Search
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