The Brain In Advertising
Many people are fascinated by the brain. This has not escaped the watchful eye of advertisers who are trying to sell their products. Here are some real examples of how different companies have used the brain in their advertisements.

The first set of advertisements are on this page. If you like these, you can find more on brain advertisement Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 and Page 5.

Digital TV

Database Software

I would like to add to this collection of "Brain Advertisements." If you would like to contribute to this page, please let me know what you found.



Programming Software

Test Preparation Guides

Personal Ads
(Sent in by Mrs. Walter Z.)

Computer Company

Computer Company

Book Store

Car Company

Software Company

Computer Company

Anatomical Model Catalog

Car Company
Text reads: "Mud baths stimulate the central nervous system,
increasing muscular excitability."

Breakfast Cereal

Hardware Store

Website Hosting

Lamp Company

Computer Company

Computer Hardware

Computer Game
Text reads: "You only use 12% of your brain. Mind if we play with the rest?"

Career Training
[More brain advertisements].

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