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Large Scale Mars Mapping and Rover Localization Using Descent and Rover Imagery
Rongxing Li, Fei Ma, Fengliang Xu, Larry Matthies, Clark Olson, and Yalin Xiong
In Proceedings of the ISPRS 19th Congress, IAPRS Vol. XXXIII, Amsterdam, 2000.
The exploration of Mars by landing robotics requires large-scale mapping of the Martian surface and accurate rover localization. The resolution of the obiter imagery is too low to provide terrain information for the rover to traverse the Martian surface safely. Future MSP (Mars Surveyor Program) exploration missions will extend the rover exploration range from the landing center region to an area of 10kmx10km. This calls for high precision largescale mapping and rover localization with an accuracy of up to 0.1%. This paper presents a method of large-scale mapping and rover localization using descent and rover imagery. A set of descent imagery and rover stereo imagery, collected during a field test at Silver Lake, CA, in May 1999, is integrated into a bundle adjustment system to localize the rover position. It is demonstrated that rover localization with a RMS of 0.14m, 0.08m and 0.34m in the x, y and z direction, respectively, for a distance of up to 500m, and 0.23m, 0.21m and 0.46m within 1.5km can be achieved. This apparently meets the objective of controlling the rover navigation error within 0.1% (1m for 1km).