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Multi-resolution Mapping Using Surface, Descent, and Orbital Images
Clark F. Olson, Larry H. Matthies, Yalin Xiong, Rongxing Li, Fei Ma, Fengliang Xu
In Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space, 2001.
Our goal is to produce high-accuracy maps of the terrain elevation at landing sites on planetary bodies through the use of all available image data. We use images on the planetary surface from landers and rovers, images captured during the lander descent to the surface, and orbital images. Three new capabilities have been developed. First, we generate elevation maps from descent images using structure-from-motion techniques. These maps are useful for rover navigation and provide a link between the orbital images and surface images. We have developed a methodology for performing rover localization using bundle adjustment that uses tie points between the rover and descent images to determine both the camera and the tie point locations. Finally, a new method to perform registration between orbital images and descent images has been developed that locates the landing position in the orbital imagery and allows integration of the entire data set. These technologies are important for performing rover navigation in future space missions and the maps provide a tool for coordinating rovers in a robotic colony.