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Lab phone: (206) 543-1127; Room D424 HSB
Lab phone: (206) 616-4954; Room D426 HSB

Charles Chavkin, Ph.D. (Stanford)

Allan and Phyllis Treuer Professor of Pharmacology
Member of the Pharmacology, Neurobiology & Behavior and Molecular & Cell Biology Graduate Training Programs
Director, Center for Drug Addiction Research (206) 543-4266 (v), (206) 685-3822 (fax)

Graduate Students

Selena Schreiber (Pharmacology)
Erica Melief (Pharmacology)
Julia Lemos (Neurobiology and Behavior)
Abbie Schindler (Pharmacology)
Jonathan Ehrich (Neurobiology)
Dan Messinger (Pharmacology)


Mike Bruchas, Ph.D. (Creighton University)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Haripriya Shankar, Ph.D. (Temple University)
Mayumi Miyatake, Ph.D. (Hoshi University)

Research Assistant Professor

Mei Xu, MD, Ph.D. (University of Helsinki, Shandong Medical University)

Research Technicians

Ricky Tran (University of Washington)