Selected Publications

Deuterostome Phylogenies and the Evolution of the Chordates

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Hemichordate Evolution

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Invertebrate Stem Cells and Regeneration

Brown, F.D., Tiozzo, S., Roux, M.M., Ishizuka, K., Swalla, B.J., and De Tomaso A. W. (2009) Early lineage specification of long-lived germline precursors in the colonial ascidian, Botryllus schlosseri Development 136: 3485-3494.

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Manx/Bobcat Gene Complex and the Evolution Of Tailless Ascidians

Swalla, B.J. and Jeffery, W.R. (1996) Requirement of the manx gene for expression of chordate features in a tailless ascidian larva. Science 274:1205-1209. (Online)

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Mechanisms of Ascidian Metamorphosis

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Review Articles

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