Symposia and Conferences

Shannon Smith and Billie Swalla with Shannon's poster at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in Anaheim, CA, January 2-6, 2002.

Billie and John Saunders (her chick limb hero) look at an overhead of his classic studies just before the presentation of the Conklin Award to Dr. Saunders at the Developmental Biology National Meetings in Nashville, TN, June 1996.


Shannon Smith and Billie Swalla with Shannon's poster at the Fifth Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Evo-Devo organizers

Hox in Atlanta

Left to right:
Row 1: G. Burger, M. Sanderson, A. Clark, C. Aquadro, C. Bergstrom, M. Riley, M. Asmussen, R. Redfield, K. Cole, G. Wagner, S. Otto, K. Peichel, J. Logsdon

Row 2: T. Dean, W. Swanson, M. Aguade, J. Wernegreen, J. Kim, Y. Tan, J. Blanchard, A. Burke, B. Swalla, A. Kopp, E. Kellogg, L. Katz, B. Martin

Row 3: R. Woods, L. Moyle, A. Sweigart, P. Arndt, M. Patterson, D. Ardell, K. Makova, M. Mondragon, A. McLysaght, L. Zhang, S. Schaeffer, D. Schoen, B. Kirkup

Row 4: J. Sachs, A.Holloway, M. Hofreiter, C. Goldstone, S. Duffy, M. Strand, C. Obert, U. Gerland, J. Ranz, T. Pawlowska, S. Sandstedt, D. Kysela, T. Bureau

Row 5: N. Rosenberg, T. Hambuch, H. Malik, N. Stover, H. Dell, J. Wertz, C. Wilke, C. Adami, D. Manicacci, V. Souza, L. Sandner, S. Edwards

Row 6: H. Watanabe, P. Magwene, D. Wainstock, B. Turner, Y. Satta, A. Castillo, L. Jai